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Have you been "klunking" lately?

If you haven't seen it already, there's a great post today on called Historic news footage of "klunking" MTB pioneers

Sandy Ridge: Quid Pro Flow - trail report

Amazing trail building continues at Sandy Ridge ... 

I had an opportunity to ride the new Quid Pro Flow trail at Sandy Ridge on Sunday.  It honestly blew me away how much work had gone into this short 1.75 mile trail at the bottom of Rock Drop, it loops out along the ridge and comes back to hook up with 338.  The BLM map has already been updated and trails are well marked so you shouldn't have trouble finding it.

Post Canyon - late June ride report

Just a quick update on Post Canyon, I had heard it was already getting dusty after a few weeks of dry weather so I made plans to ride there after work yesterday.  After about an hour on the trail it actually rained a fair amount for about 30 minutes which made for some very nice tacky trail.  Even better news for those planning to ride with Ted on Saturday, after eating dinner in Hood River it was raining again on my way out of town.  

Bend: Funner and Whoops - trail report

Quick props to COTA for doing some great trail work in the Bend area.  I've been fortunate enough to ride in Central Oregon three years in a row and despite trying something new every year, I've always left the trail extremely satisfied.

Report: Funner has been on my "must do" list for a few years but this year we had a goal to check out the new work done on Whoops and with only one trail day available, this is what we came up with.

Sandy Ridge trail - ride report

Thanks Ted and Brent for organizing Saturday's ride at Sandy ridge.  Steve, Lee, Bill, Shane and myself joined them for a spectacular day of riding.  We did the homestead road climb, 338 and Hide and Seek twice (and the jump line at the top three times).  Considering all the rain last week the trail was in great shape and considering all the cars in the parking lot the trails didn't feel very crowded.  Thanks again to those who helped organize things on Saturday and to those who I met for the first time, I hope I didn't get your name wrong  :-)

Below are a few of details from the day...

  • Distance: 18.4 miles
  • Riding time: 2:40
  • Total elevation gain: 3,950 ft.


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