Smith Creek - reconnaissance

The snow is melting, and it's time to do some exploring around Mount St Helens.  We'll hope the gate is open, and the road to Lava Canyon is snow free.  If it isn't, we'll ride the extra five miles to Lava Canyon before dropping down in to Smith Creek for an exploratory, first of the season ride.

No one has been up there yet to report on trail conditions, but we can expect to encounter some winter blowdown. 

We'll head down in to Smith Creek rather than up to Ape Canyon since the snow pack up around the Canyon will still potentially be moderate.

Expect a ride of about 10 to maybe 15 miles round trip.  Bring a lunch, first aid kit (for you and your bike!), and dress according to weather.  Expect to return to the Metro area later in the afternoon (i.e. if you need to be back early this isn't the ride for you).

** * Carpoolers can meet up at the Gateway Park and Ride, and LEAVE from there at 8:30A.  Then meet up at the Rest Area in Cougar (across the street from the Lone Fir resort) at 9:30A.

See you there!

Price: $0.00

If you"re heading up 503....

...I can sure use a ride to the trailhead.I'm in Battle Ground.Can meet in the Freddys parking lot.Thanx