Surveyor's co-ed group ride

This Surveyor's Ridge group ride is not only part of Trail fest but it's also a joint group ride with the Growler's Gulch Girls.  The ride is open to men, however, the ladies will be setting the pace.

We will be meeting in the back parking lot at Gateway Transit Center to carpool.  (45.529148,-122.563305)

Meet time is 8:30am and we will be driving away from Gateway at 8:45am.  It's going to be a long day, folks, so we will not be waiting for latecomers.  Please show up on time and ready to load up.  There will be plenty of time to socialize on the trail!

We will be starting at the North end of Surveyor's Ridge singletrack, under the power lines off Pinemount Rd.  If you prefer to meet us at the TH, I hope we will be there by 10:00am.

This ride is an out & back.  Our goal is to ride to the last viewpoint, which is 12.25 miles round trip, about 2000' of climbing and around 4 hours of trail time, including breaks.  There will probably be some faster riders who will continue out to the end of the singletrack before turning around.  I believe that will be a 16 mile ride.  We will split up into groups based on pace.

The trail starts out with a steep, rocky climb and then turns into mostly dirt singletrack with climbing and descending throughout the ride.  Depending on rainfall, parts of the trail may be quite dusty and loose.  This is considered an Intermediate trail, but Advanced beginners should be fine.  Parts of Surveyor's Ridge are similar to the upper section of Hide n Seek at Sandy Ridge.  If you are uncomfortable with the upper section of Hide n Seek, please email me so we can talk about whether this is a good ride for you.

Please bring a bike in good working order, make sure to pump up your tires and bring a spare tube.  Bring plenty of water and food for the four+ hour ride.  A helmet is a must and knee pads are nice too.  Also, bring gas money if you hope to carpool with someone.

If you have any questions about the ride or the trail, please email

Price: $0.00