Joint NWTA Stub Stewart group ride / OET Equestrian training

NWTA Bike Patrol has coordinated a fun group ride event (open to all riders) which involves part of ride helping Oregon Equestrian Trails members train their horses for mountain bike rider encounters on trail!   Flexible on exactly what we'll do - up to the horse rider... will include things as simple as riding near horse, stopping, saying hello and giving a treat to the horse as well as more complex situations like multiple riders with squeeling disc brakes and flashing bike lights.   Safety first!  We won't do anything that anyone deems unsafe.

Where: Clayhill Horse Staging Area (at the end of paved park road)

This is an excellent opportunity to be an ambassador for the sport of mountain biking as well as learn horse behaviors and why it's important to always stop, say hello, and wait for instructions from the equestrian riders before passing or waiting for them to pass by.

Hope to see you there!  You don't need to be a volunteer bike patrol rider to participate!   After we are done with these short group training activities, then we'll head out and ride the north mountain bike trails (or whatever the mountain bike group would like to do).

BBQ will be hosted by OET with all the fixin's at 2pm.  Sign-up if coming to BBQ so they know how much food to provide.  Side-dishes are potluck.  Feel free to bring something!

Price: $0.00