NWTA Oakridge Shuttle Tour - CLOSED

Three Days of Shuttle Riding! $170

99 miles, 7600 feet of climbing, 29,600 feet of descending (yeah, that's right)

  • Sorry, event cap has been reached.   Meet at Oregon Adventures in Oakridge 30 minutes before the specified time.
  • You are responsible for knowing your capability, this is an extremely advanced event.
  • You are responsible for you and your equipment being both capable and in PRIME condition for your safety and the enjoyment of all participants
  • You are responsible for all of your own food, hydration, and camping fees
  • Event leader reserves the right to screen participants as needed in order to ensure the above.  I just want to make sure everyone is safe and has a good time.
  • Leave your downhill bikes at home, you WILL be climbing.  A lot.
  • Bring Tecnu Poison Oak soap

Register and Pay: https://oregon-adventures.com/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=22

Northwest Trail Alliance is utilizing Oregon Adventures shuttle services to do the 4th Annual NWTA Oakridge Shuttle Tour.  If you want to pick and choose what to do, feel free to set up your own itenerary directly with Oregon Adventures

Friday - Salmon Creek Campground

- 6 pm Setting up camp.  Bring cash or check for purchasing a campsite as needed, and to pay for each additional vehicle.  I'm going to try to get some sites staked out at noon.

  • 4 miles east of Oakridge along Salmon Creek. Hwy 58 east to Oakridge. Turn left at the signal to downtown. From downtown, follow Salmon Creek Road (FS Road 24) for 6 miles to Salmon Creek Falls Campground.
Saturday 'Bigun'- 17K Vert in a Day

9 am 6 trails, 17,000 feet of descending, 3,500 feet of climbing, and 45 miles of sweet single track including Alpine, "The Double" (Lawler and Hardesty Trails), Larison Rock, Flat Creek and Aubrey Mountain trails. Whew!

- 6 pm (Time is approximate)- Potluck and Hopworks Pony Keg (if we can work out the logistics)

Sunday 'Rest' - MFW and Moon Point Shuttle

9 am MFW 22 mile 5400 foot descent 200 foot climb along the upper Middle Fork Willamette segment from Timpanogas to the bottom of Moon Point.

  • Option - 8 mile 800 foot climb Lollipop out and back to the top of Indigo and June Lake after being dropped off at the top of Timpanogas before the MFW descent.

- 3/4 pm Moon Point (Time is approximate and dependent on the MFW group, could be earlier, could be later) - 6.75 mile 3200 foot descent Moon Point Shuttle after MFW.  We will be shuttling ourselves

Monday 'Finale' - Alpine, Tire Mountain, Winberry

- 9 am 24 mi 6400 foot descent 3100 foot climb.

- 3 pm Consider yourself now the proud member of the infamous NWTA Oakridge shuttle Ranks.  Have a dip in the river and don't fall asleep on the drive home.





Price: $0.00


We are at salmon creek campground sites 13, 9, &10. There is NO water at the campground. BRING WATER!!!

We are at salmon creek

We are at salmon creek campground sites 13, 9, &10.
There is NO water at the campground.

Reviewing the stats...

99 miles

7,600 feet of climbing
29,600 feet of descending 

Reminder - Come prepared

Thanks Dennis for organizing the event again this year.  

As in past years, our three days of riding is a serious butt kicker.  

If you are planning to join us, please take all the warnings seriously so that you come prepared to have a great time.

If you want to join us, make sure that you come prepared (did I already say that?).  Even though we are getting shuttled, leave your downhill bike at home. Bring your XC or all mountain bike instead.  These rides are what we call long "cross country" shuttles where we connect several trails together to rack up as many miles as possible. This means a lot of climbing.  

Come prepared by committing to your personal training program now.  This is three days of Advanced riding and the core group who ride at a fast pace.  Not racer pace, but close at times.

I hope that you can join us.  Sign up soon as there are only a couple spots left.