Hagg Lake trail machine equipment demo - Day #2


NWTA Single Track (ST240) machine machine will be constructing re-route sections of trail to improve the trail routes across two of the open Elk fields at Henry Hagg Lake.

Project was proposed by NWTA Trail Stewards and has been approved by Washington County park ranger and ecologist!   It was a "no brainer" since the old trail is a fall-line trail and part of it is beginning to collapse into the lake.  New route will use sustainable trail design and include rolling grade reversals.

Volunteer equipment operators will be getting some seat time with the ST240.

Come join us if interested in watching machines sculpt a ribbon of dirt for you to ride!   We *WILL* need help with tamping down the new trail tread using hand tools.


Time: starting about 8:30am until late evening(?) - plan is to work until "mostly done"... either the project or the operators. *grin*

Equipment staging / parking location: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=loc:45.492878,-123.215385

If you go to above location, then you'll most likely either see and/or hear the machines... we will be working in either the field below this parking spot or nearby field.

Price: $0.00