Trail maintenance day - Sandy Ridge Season Opener

Come join us for the first Sandy Ridge Trail Maintenance day of the year!

NWTA invites you to a Sandy Ridge trail maintenance day , Saturday, December 8th, 2012.

We'll be working with BLM and IMBA resources to perform maintenance on Hide & Seek.  Devon from the Oregon Enduro Series will also be there to help give back for the race series and will have some swag as a bonus for some lucky volunteers.

Come on out and help be a part of making the trails you ride even better.

Expectations?  A few hours of trail work from 10am-2pm.  We'll get you and your bike up to the work area and then you can ride afterwards.  Never been to a work party?  No problem, come and we'll provide instruction.

Here's a link to the  Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Sandy Ridge Trail System map that describes the planned and completed Sandy Ridge trails.  The map now includes the Quid Pro Flow trail, as well as the 338 Loop and Hide & Seek.  For more information about these trails see the BLM Website.

Meeting Spot: Homestead Road Gate off of East Barlow Road (Google map)

Meeting Time: 10:00 AM

What to Bring:  Boots, gloves, sack lunch, water, weather appropriate clothing and bike for riding afterward.

Trail building tools will be provided, but feel free to bring your favorite tool if you have one.

Directions from Portland:  Head east on Highway 26 to the second E. Sleepy Hollow Drive sign(start looking to your left when you see the Windells sign).  Turn left on E. Sleepy Hollow Drive and go down to the second street which is E. Barlow Trail Road.  Turn right on E. Barlow Trail Rd.  Continue across the bridge, and down for about a 1/2 mile, past the first parking area/restroom on the left, until you see National Forest Service Road 14 (aka Homestead Rd) on your left--  you will see a yellow gate and small parking area.

Questions? Contact Tom Slovak at toms[at]nw-trail[dot]org

Price: $0.00

Trail project was a success!

30 to 40 people volunteered at the Sandy Ridge trail project on Saturday. Due to the size of the group we expanded our mission to include making trail improvements and enhancements.  We armored sections of the trail and built multiple berms.  Aided by BLMs trails excavator, two motorized wheelbarrows, a large variety of hand tools and pre-staged material, we accomplished a lot.  Thus the next time you ride the lower section of HS you will see that a lot has changed. 

After the trail project, volunteers were rewarded with a raffle of mtb swag provided by our trail project sponsor Oregon Enduro Series.  Plus 15 lucky volunteers received a meal at Wraptiude.  All of which was a nice reward for doing what we should all be doing anyway, which is helping to maintain the trails we love to ride.

Volunteers were also rewarded with a shuttle to the top for a celebratory ride (note there was an inch of snow at the top). 

Ways to get involved – Be a SPONSOR of a future trail project or be a VOLUNTEER.    

Next Sandy Ridge project will be in February 2013.

Thank you to all the volunteers who attended.  Working together we enhance, protect and promote our sport!

Trail project update

OK... this is a sweet deal for doing a good deed (and something we should already be doing).

At this weekend's Sandy Ridge trail project there will be a raffle for some swag (FREE bike stuff)... Plus the Oregon Enduro Series has partnered with Wraptitude to feed volunteers afterwards @Wraptitude (FREE food)

***Please sign up on the NWTA site so we can bringing enough food and treats.

Trail work-
Depending on the number of volunteers, we'll at least be working on armoring lower H&S with large landscape rock, and possibly sending a crew to work on the entrance to TTM.

Added bonus...the weather is going to be nice, so bring your bike.

NWTA is expecting a large turnout for this event, Thus it would be helpful if you arrive early (before the 10am start time) so we can get organized and mobilized.

Either I'm and idiot or it's

Either I'm and idiot or it's not working, but I can't figure out how to sign up for the event.  I went to my account sign ups, but it's not listed as "available." 

Anyways, I am coming from close in NE Portland and will be carpooling with James.  Have two more spots for two more NWTA'ers and their bikes.



five o three, four six four, six seven six six or pdxsteve at gmail. com

Tom didn't enable

Tom didn't enable registration for this event (most likely on purpose).  They must not require a headcount because going to have plenty of tools and also it looks like food will be at a nearby resturant afterwards (race organization sponsoring event is picking up the check!).