Spread the word about Riverview, please.

If you see anyone removing debris from decommissioned fall line trails at Riverview, PLEASE TELL THEM TO STOP.  Many of us are wasting time putting it back (they need to remain closed for water quality reasons) when we could be building new sections of singletrack.  We are working hard with different City agencies, while at the same time adding more trail up there.  We don't want to lose our chances of riding (and building) at Riverview because of someone's desire to ride 5 seconds of unsustainable, fall line trail.  Spread the word.                                                                                                    Also, we are working with Parks to establish a monthly trail party this Winter.  It has been great designing and building new, legal trail up there.   The best place to ride *in* town is getting better and better.

maybe some better project signage is needed?

Might be that signage to better explain what's happening and where to go for more info about the project should be posted at appropriate place(s) on trail?