Kettle Fest 2010

Several of our members attended last year's Kettle Fest 2009 and reported having a blast.  Next year will see the return of the Kettle Fest 2010 as well as Helens Fest 2010.  These events are the brain child of Tim Banning advertises Kettle Fest as: "5 days of camping, riding, stewardship, and fellowship. Set in the pristine Kettle Range, surrounded by a variety of sub-alpine ecosystems. Solitude, clean air, and top-shelf singletrack riding await. We're set again to hold a work party under the supervision of Dave Lent. Riders from across a vast region will converge, where we can make new friends in a relaxed campout atmosphere and actively chip in a little to help the trails out."  The dates for the five day Kettle Fest 2010, 14-18 July 2010 combined with the three day Helens Fest, 9-11 July 2010, will enable distant riders to have one awesome week of mountain bike riding and trail work in the Pacific Northwest!

For more information on the Kettle Fest 2010 go to Evergreen's website:


Tim Banning Photo.  all rights reserved.