Pedal Nation Bicycle Show this weekend!

Join us at the Pedal Nation Bicycle Show, coming April 10th and 11th to the Oregon Convention Center! Northwest Trail Alliance and IMBA will have a joint booth at the show and we will bring our world-famous, portable bike skills course! We need help to set up and staff both the booth and the riding area, and break everything down at the end of the show. Besides setting up our skills course, we will help Westside Trail Federation set up some advanced technical features (a nice ladder drop and teeter) and give a hand to our friends at the NW School of Freeride (NWSOF), who will be hosting a killer dual stunt race course!

Still hoping for some

Still hoping for some volunteers, just a couple hours of your time on Saturday or Sunday would be a huge help. Please drop me an email if you can spare a few hours over the weekend-


Thanks to all the volunteers this past weekend!

A huge thanks to everyone who helped make our presence at Pedal Nation so successful! If you didn't get a chance to stop by, we had a really cool double booth showcasing the awesome ST240 Singletrack machine (Thanks Barret!) with a looping video of the machine in action (thank you Joe Rykowski!), We also had sign maps and tons of info showcasing all the things we are currently involved in (and there are a ton).

Additionally, we had our skills course set up for the general public to play on. Josh Harvey stuck it out with me for 4 hours on Thursday afternoon so we could get access to the showroom floor, unload and setup everything. The skills course included a really nice ladder drop at the end courtesy of WTF and Joe Rykowski (funny how Joe's name keeps popping up). The best part of our booth was that it was facing the skills area, so we had front row sets to check out the kids pulling flips and other amazing tricks over the big box jump, as well as the duel stunt competition. Great stuff.

 Thank you Tom Archer for pretty much living at the booth all weekend long, Anna Laxague, our amazing IMBA rep who is always a blast to have around, Kevin Bailey who brought in his bike to for use at the skills course and showed everyone that it was possible to ride the entire track (I need alot more practice). Michael Whitesel, Mischa Van Buuren and Shane Gould who took over the booth when I bolted Saturday afternoon anddid an aweosme job organizing everything so well.

Dorcas Sarfly and Kevin Hicks showed up bright and early on Sunday and made for great reps for the organiztion, Julie Kramer showed up with her fantastic attitude and killer brownies late morning and then Tom Slovak, Shauna McCuaig, Craig Adams and Marc Altman came in to finish up Sunday. 

Bill Willems showed up with his truck at the end of the show to help get everything loaded and transported.

Some of these people are brand new to the organization and jumped right in, I cona't thank them enough! Thanks again and look forward to seeing everyone on the trails!



  Here's slideshow of


Here's slideshow of some of the photos I took during setup and during the show...


Here's some cool ones of NWTA booth...


And yes... yes local trail builders LOVE the ST240!...  There's no doubt about it!  This is Patrick and Rich with BRMBA giving it a big hug!

Great pictures, Joe, thanks!!

Great pictures, Joe, thanks!!