2010 Black Rock shuttle day fundraiser hosted by NWTA - raised more than $5,000 towards grant matching

Here's the PDF of full color event flyer...


These flyers are being distributed to bike shops around the area, but feel free to print and post where you feel appropriate.  (contact joer@nw-trail.org if you plan to drop off at your favorite local shop... so I can cross off the list.  Note:  NWTA is in need of local shop liason volunteers who can help keep local bike shops/businesses in the loop about all the various important projects/events going on...)

This event is July 25th and is open to first 100 who donate at least $55 towards the fundraiser drive towards purchase of ST240 trail construction machine.  See  http://nw-trail.org/node/2162 for thread with full details or jump to main fundraiser/event page at http://nw-trail.org/2010shuttleday


  More than 10% of the


More than 10% of the available slots for the shuttle day have been reserved.   Donate today and then reserve your space!

Please remember... you don't have to shuttle to donate towards the ST240 trail machine purchase!   Donations are happily received.   We need to raise $10,000 and that ain't a small chunk of change.   



Donate here...


Any amount accepted!


20% of slots reserved...


One more week gone by, and another 10 slots have been reserved.   Every shuttle day ever hosted at Black Rock has sold out.   Donate today and sign-up to reserve your slot!

The limit of 100 riders is in place to reduce impact on the trails.   100 riders times 8 runs average = 8,000 trips down the trails in one day.  That's wear and tear that we'll fix in collaboration with BRMBA as a build day this Fall.


30% filled.



Bike Repair station sponsored by Riders and Sliders

For the shuttle event, the Riders and Sliders shop at 8122 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR will be setting up a bike repair tent with bike mechanics on station.   Bend a rotor, break a derailleur, and they'll be able to get ya back on yer bike.   Would kinda suck to have a mechanical during a shuttleday and be out for the day, eh?





Just got word from BRMBA

Just got word from BRMBA that Muscle Milk will be setting up a booth near BT on day of event.  Come check 'em out.



Just 6 weeks after opening

Just 6 weeks after opening registrations, there are now more than 70+ participants (including volunteers).   We'll most likely hit our cap of 100, so if you haven't sent in a donation (you'd now have to donate online) and signed-up to participate in the event... you should probably do that like NOW.

We'll be rolling 3 large Enterprise flatbed trucks with stakebed sides including one huge 24' truck (any larger and we wouldn't be able to turn around up top)!

Got sound system locked in for doing up some music in style at the loading zone, and Single Track Tools LLC will be bringing out the ST240 machine to showcase (this is the production protoype not the actual machine they'll be building up for NWTA).

Riders and Sliders will be setting up mechanic tent, and group from Mount Hood Patrol will have a first aid tent set up.

Everything will be happening based out of at Basic Training.  Find that, and you are where you need to be!

See you Saturday afternoon (if you've donated minimum $75) and we will be showing Follow Me and other mountain biking vids at Basic Training starting at dusk that night (all are welcome to come for the vids).   Main event happens on Sunday starting at 9am.


Notice sent to all registered participants (with a valid email)


The Simple Facts / All You Need to Know...
#1 get to Black Rock Mountain Bike Area trailhead, and follow signs to event Parking area.  (there are directions on page at http://nw-trail.org/2010shuttleday).
#2 Park (up above Orange gate along the Socialist Valley RD) - depending on what time you arrive you'll be parking 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile from Basic Training (where the check-in/truck loading is at)
#3 Get yourself, your bike, and your gear to the Basic Training area where the CHECK-IN / INFO table will be located
#4 fill out a waiver, get a wristband, and wait for a truck to arrive.
More info...
No, you don't need to bring proof of payment (if you got this email then you name is on list).  There is a Master List with your name, username and email address which the volunteers will be checking off after you sign waiver - then they hand you a wristband (and a lunch ticket).  Don't loose either of those or you'll be sorry (you'll have to spend precious time begging for a replacement instead of riding!).
Starting at 12:30pm on Saturday, July 24th (for those who have donated at least $75) and at 9am on Sunday, July 25th... Trucks will be leaving continuously from Basic Training to top of Mount Brown (most of the way to beginning of all the Black Rock trails).   We have 3 trucks... ONE HUGE 24' stakebed (with loading gate to step up onto) and TWO 16' stakebed trucks (without loading gate but we'll have a platform to step up onto).
We are DONE at 4:30pm on Sunday.   (We'll ride until people don't wanna ride no more on Saturday night!)
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YOU load your bike and yourself onto the truck.   We'll have a volunteer who can help assist, but for fastest loading time - it's worked best to have riders load themselves.  Every other person leans against opposite side of truck with front wheel braced between legs and you hold onto your bike/side of truck.   It works great, trust us!  ;)

...is provided for those who donated/signed-up for event by Wednesday, July 21st.   If you signed-up later than Wednesday, then you'll want to pick something up to eat (A&N Home Town grocery in Falls City is closest place to Black Rock - you'll want to grab something before you get out to BR).
Menu: BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches, chips, fruit cup.   Soda is extra (bring $$$).   Water is free (bring hydration pack or water bottle - depending on how ya roll).   Don't eat meat?  A&N Home Town grocery... they have stuff.
Located at Basic Training on Sunday.   Friendly volunteers from Mount Hood Patrol are there to assist!
It's going to be hot, so be aware of signs of heat exhaustion/stoke.   DRINK WATER BEFORE YOU ARE THIRSTY!  Stay hydrated.

Heat exhaustion:

This condition often occurs when people exercise (work or play) in a hot, humid place and body fluids are lost through sweating, causing the body to overheat. The person's temperature may be elevated, but not above 104 F.

Heat stroke:

 Heat stroke, also referred to as heatstroke is a life-threatening medical condition. The person's cooling system, which is controlled by the brain, stops working and the internal body temperature rises to the point where brain damage or damage to other internal organs may result (temperature may reach 105 F or greater).
On Sunday, Riders and Sliders van will be at Basic Training with at repair tent fully stocked with most everything you'd need to get back on trail.  They'll have a bike mechanic on station all day.
ST240 Single Track Machine
Single Track LLC will have their production prototype on display at Basic Training.   It's the reason we're doing this shuttle day and what your money is going to help buy!
We will be showing Follow Me (and probably other biking vids) at Basic Training started at dusk on Saturday night.  All welcome.    You can thank Jacob Simmons for hooking us up with a killer sound system and a video projector to show vids.   He'll be playing music all day on Sunday at the truck loading area as well (make requests but don't be a jerk and try to stump the DJ with your weird music tastes - he's got a lot of MP3's but c'mon...!)
If you have ??'s day of event then go to the Info table at Basic Training (same place you checked in at).
NOTE!  This is a standard thing which happens every year and other than restrictions listed below does not impact the shuttle day event... As of July 24th, Black Rock Mountain Bike Area is now under a regulated closure due to fire season.  All lands protected by the WEST OREGON Forest Protection District and all forestland within one-eighth mile thereof is affected by this regulated closure.
NWTA does have legal access to the land under event permit (good thing we got that), but here are the restrictions:   Do NOT smoke in your vehicle except when traveling on improved (paved) roads, open fires are prohibited (Portable cooking stoves using liquefied or bottled fuels are allowed), chainsaw use prohibited, fireworks are prohibited; cutting, grinding and welding of metal is prohibited.   Possession of the following fire fighting equipment is required while traveling, except on state highways, county roads and driveways: one shovel and one gallon of water or one 2½ pound or larger fire extinguisher.
Maps of the subject area may be viewed at the State Forester's Office, in Salem, Oregon, and at principal offices of the Forest Protection District.  Definitions of words and phrases used in this proclamation may be found in ORS 477.001, OAR 629-041-0005, and at: https://oregon.gov/ODF/FIRE/Closures/definitions.pdf

We are hosting this shuttle day to raise funds to help pay for an ST240 machine, trailer, and operator training.  It's your donations which will allow us to make the down payment NEXT MONTH which will kick off the manufacturing process to have an ST240 built up for NWTA.   It is the RTP grant for $75,000 that will allow us to pay the remainder of the balance for that purchase, but still... it's your donation that got it all started!   SO THANKS!  You rock.


Free shuttle pass for Saturday/Sunday...

Got a rider who donated towards ST240 to be able to shuttle both Saturday and Sunday at Black Rock... but he can't make it this weekend, and said to give away his spot to someone who needs it. Said "to give to HOT Chick or a young shredder"... so, if you want a slot at the shuttle day, then follow Northwest Trail Alliance on Facebook and comment to post about it before Saturday at 9am, and its yours (I'll give you his spot).






Added up all the donations received, and you've donated more than $4,900 towards the ST240 grant match funding!   Nice work all who have supported this effort by donating!

We will be able to submit the order to Single Track LLC with this as down payment to kick off the manufacturing process.    It'll take more than 8 months for the machine to be fabricated/manufactured.  By this time next year, it'll be cutting some single track at some trails in Portland area under the new NWTA Trail Development Partnership Program.



The fundraiser was a success

The fundraiser was a success in more ways than just one. Not only does it sound like we got plenty of moolah, but it was also a kick-ass good time. Thanks guys for putting it on and I'm glad I had the privilege to donate and ride 

There were some last minute

There were some last minute donations/registrations (hope they didn't get hassled too badly at check-in cuz their name wasn't on my hardcopy list!)...

Total donations came to just over $5,000!

After expenses, we have a Net of about $3,800 to use to pay for kicking off the fabrication process (which involves review of machine design with customizations available). 

It was fun planning the shuttle day, now it's time to plan for purchase of a trail construction asset!   Care and Feeding of machine will need to be responsiblity of Director in charge of Trail Development Partnership Program (a new program being developed around the ST240 machine).   So, whoever that person is, they'll need to be involved during this phase to get up to speed.   Will be seeking candidates soon.


Thanks to attendees (donors), volunteers, ODF and BRMBA!

Thanks to everyone who donated money by attending the fundraiser and to all the volunteers who helped make this happen.

Perfect weather, awesome trails, music, quality lunch and great people made this a great day.

A special thanks to our host, BRMBA, for access to the trails for the fundraiser. Keep them in mind when they hold their trail work days this coming winter and lend a hand to help keep the trails in great shape. Those berms don't magically just appear in the forest by themselves!


Yes!! Yes! and

Yes!! Yes! and Yes!

Overall it seemed like the event went off well!   More heaps of thanks to those who donated and then came out to hang and ride bikes in the woods near Falls City at a place that's a slice of Whistler and the North Shore right in our backyards.   Black Rock Mountain Bike Area never ceases to inspire (and renew) the trail builder and rider in me.

Also special thanks Jacob Simmons for hooking us up with awesome sound system and playing tunes all day, to A&N Home Town Grocery (Falls City) for supplying us with a ton of ice and great deal on Gatorade and water, to Paula's Kitchen (the resturant in Falls City) for catering lunch, to Riders & Sliders (Beaverton) for staffing a repair station, Fat Tire Farm (Portland) for loaning us your trail builder to abuse for the day by making him drive truck with no hope of getting a ride in (sorry about that Shawn! my bad.), The Portland Bike Show / Pedal Nation (Hillsboro) organizer Aaron McBride for hanging at the trailhead to direct traffic to parking/check-in (and guarding the gate ALL day), Muscle Milk for hooking up participants with free samples of their protein drinks to keep 'em fueled, Mount Hood Patrol (Matt Aimonetti) for patching up a few injured riders, and last but definitely not least.... thanks to Single Track LLC (North Plains) for bringing out their prototype ST240 trail machine to let us ooh and ahh over and even play with a bit (can't wait to get some extended time to do some serious work with the machine once NWTA buys one).


There WILL be a joint build

There WILL be a joint build day out at Black Rock between BRMBA and NWTA this Fall... to help fix some of the wear/tear from shuttle event (100 riders times 8 runs average = 8,000 runs = stuff that needs tweeking to get it right again).   Fall is for repacking berms and repairing jump lips.    There's also talk of a shuttle day to benefit BRMBA and they've asked if NWTA volunteers would be interested in helping with some of the tasks (it's always worth a 1/2 day free pass and volunteering is painless and most often fun! - step up when you see the announcement about event!)

Want to point out that the folks involved with BRMBA don't just volunteer once in a while... there's a bunch of core diggers/builders that pretty much live at Black Rock year 'round.  They are out there most every weekend and a lot of week days too.  (was even group putting in work on a closed off re-route section during the shuttle event - working like trail gnomes creating what they like to ride and get others stoked on riding also). 

Contact Santiam Bicycle in Salem or volunteer@brmba.org to connect with a trail builder to help even if there's no scheduled build day.  


Photos and Videos

There was more than a few videographers and photographers stalking the woods at Black Rock during the shuttle day...

Stay tuned for links to the various photo galleries, YouTube and Vimeo videos... or do a keyword search on pinkbike.com cuz I'm sure people have already started to post stuff on other community sites.


Great day!! To show how

Great day!! To show how committed the trail builders are.. they actually building while we were shuttling. We saw Dino working hard redoing an old gnarly line while we all enjoyed shredding BR

Great day of riding! I

Great day of riding! I havent found any pictures or videos posted yet.

More photos/video from shuttle day...


Luke J Welch's short Go Pro helmetcam footage of the Cheesegrater and big stepup road gap section on upper Granny's Kitchen... http://www.youtube.com/user/lukewgc#p/a/u/1/FGiHKZVvopA

Jason Van Horn's coverage... http://www.ihatebikes.net/site/features/2010-black-rock-shuttle-day-gallery/  and check back cuz he's got a video edit coming soon too!

Andrew Q Smith's photography gallery (he had a flash/lighting system and captured some most excellent stuff - general shots of the trails/features as well as some of the riders during shuttle day)... http://www.andrewqsmith.com/Sports/Mountain-Biking/13076702_Cbf55#947518457_QiftT

And lookee there...  he caught me hitting up the ET jump on GK... (see, I'm not really a poser that doesn't ride!)



Survey of event participants...

From what I've heard direct from people at shuttle day on July 25th it was one of the best people have had the opportunity to experience.   I'm not just saying this as the organizer either, but I tend to agree!   After more than 10 organized fundraiser shuttle events at BR to learn from (the early ones in 2005 started out with just personal trucks and trailers) ... the format is getting dialed!
This is only the second survey taken of Black Rock shuttle day participants, so your input is valuable to make future events even better!
If you were a participant at this event, then please take 5 minutes to fill out this survey:
P.S. - Lost and Found -- I've just got one pair of gloves in the "lost and found" from this event (not bad, eh?).  If someone can email me with description to identify, then I'll make arrangements to get them to you.   Otherwise, might donate them to NW Trail Alliance's "Sh!t Part" contest.