Rides of Winter


Does anyone know the conditions up at Syncline?  We're planning a ride for Sunday and are wondering if anyone has any current information about the rideability of the trail. 


Syncline is always rideable in Winter, IMO.  Last I heard from someone who rode there last weekend is that there is mud in spots, but it is good to go.

I heard there was snow up

I heard there was snow up there now.

Lead a ride!!


Check out the NWTA calendar and use it to share a ride, join a ride, or lead a ride.  Lets get people on bikes this Winter!  

If you are interested in leading a ride, please email me at brian@nw-trail.org  for more details about how to go about doing this.


Brian Baumann

*chant* Stub! Stub! Stub!

Stub mountain bike area (north loop of N. Caddy Whomper) was laid out by mountain bikers specifically as a Winter trail.  Many of the 15+ miles of shared-use trails in Stub are suitable for winter riding as well - but do some exploring or go with a guide - there's also trails in Stub NOT good for Winter riding (just like most places there's certain sections that need more work for drainage).

Stub should get included on that flyer tho' cuz there's plenty of opportunities there for winter riding.


Related note...

There's list of Winter category trails on the trail wiki...


Feel free to add more trails.  There's a HowTo guide... http://nw-trail.org/wiki/index.php/HowTo:Add_new_trail_to_NWTA_Wiki

HowTo: Add Event to Calendar

New HowTo added to the NWTA wiki...



Hint: Going for a ride with friends?  Want to invite a few more?  Throw up your ride on the Event calendar.

If you are doing it as an actual NWTA organized ride... then print out ride waiver form for people to sign and bring that with you.  forms are in the Resources section on sidebar (to the right when on home page).


A friend of mine was shuttling from the top last weekend, or was it the weekend before?  Either way, an easy way to get a quick answer is to call an LBS in Hood River.  Try these guys:






Thanks to Joe for getting more info in this thread, and helping to get the ball rolling.

The goal is for all of us to use the calendar for two reasons:

1.  Finding rides to join

2.  Leading rides  to share your favorite trail with others, educate others on proper trail etiquette, teach skills, and inspire people to get on the dirt.  This type of ride is sponsored by NWTA.   For this type of ride you will need to accurately describe the type of ride on the calendar (ie. trail has multiple 3 foot drops, 15 mile ride with 2000' of climbing, multiple technical rock gardens, full face helmet required, etc) rather than use the generic terms of "beginner, intermediate, advance."  You will also need to print out a waiver and have EVERYONE sign it who is on the ride.  Waivers are found at:  http://nw-trail.org/forms
*For any ride placed on the calendar, a waiver MUST be signed by everyone who attends.  
*If you are discussing rides on the forums, and you meet up with others, a waiver is not required.  These rides are considered informal and are not sanctioned by NWTA.
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or suggestions.  Hopefully see you all on the trail soon!


Thanks Brian and Joe for getting the ball rolling.

Can someone please clarify:

It is my understanding that any event posted to the calendar is considered an official NWTA function requiring waivers.  It sounds like you are implying it is possible to post a ride as a "social" event and have no requirement for waivers.

To be honest, I have not taken the leap to post up rides because of the apparent red tape.  However, red tape or no, I am often looking for more people to ride with.  Even if it means printing off some waivers and gathering some signatures and establishing some parameters, let's do this thing!

I generally reserve Fridays for ride days.  I think it would be great to establish a core group of Friday riders.  There are some Fridays when I don't have a ride planned and end up getting a late start or not riding at all.  Let's inspire each other to keep motivated to ride.  I'm up for anything and want to expand my winter riding repertoire. I tend to ride road or not at all over the winters.

What kind of riding?  I'm a strong, if not speedy rider.  I like climbing and then railing the descent.  Sandy Ridge is a blast, but too short.  I like the all-day in the saddle up and over ridges and down the valleys kind of riding.  I'm also interested in more exploring and skill building opportunities.  I have yet to ride Black Rock, but am keen to.  

I have ridden Wilson RiverTrail a few times and like it.  If it holds up well over the winters, which it appears able to do, I can see heading out there as often as not.  The only drawback for me is the traffic driving back into town (I live in NEPO).  Maybe it can be a combo night-ride so we can stay out late enough to avoid traffic?

Whatever . . .  let's just ride!

I have an old van that can transport 4 people + bikes comfortably.


c h u c k b c h e f at h o t m a i l dot c o m

P.S. What does one do with a stack of signed waivers?

Hey Charlie


Please see my edited post above.  If this doesn't clear things up, please follow up with any and all questions.  As far as what to do with waivers, please hold on to them and bring them to the next General Meeting and give them to me.

Thanks for taking an active role!  This is exactly what we were hoping would happen with the "Rides of Winter."

Also, Joe has posted the first Rides of Winter adventure for Black Rock this Sunday.  Hopefully some of you can ride some really amazing trails with him.


P.S. What does one do with a

P.S. What does one do with a stack of signed waivers?

When you print the waiver (PDF link is under the "Resources" sidebar menu when on the Home page)...   And it's important to point out there's a multi-signature version - so it's just ONE page.

You'll see a mailing address to send it to after ride.  That's what I've done in the past.  Have also juts handed over to someone at other NWTA events to save a stamp.

The waiver thing is not really a big hassle (takes 1 minute to print out and stuff in pack night prior to ride - don't forget a pen/pencil/crayon!).   It is however a big deal in terms of liability coverage.

I'd also like to see some generic NWTA info biz cards available for people to purchase thru the online store at nw-trail.org - this has been suggested multiple times by multiple people.   Outreach and getting more people involved doesn't _have_ to be part of your organized ride, but it sure would be valuable to the organization...  

minimizing red tape

hey, would it possible to use some sort of online waiver - kinda like the ones the MeetUP groups use - so that NWTA members can do it once / once a year / whatever.

Joe, your idea of a biz card (or maybe 3x5 flyer card) is a good one. We should have collateral at hand to hand out to potential members at trailheads, etc.

Joe, your idea of a biz card

Joe, your idea of a biz card (or maybe 3x5 flyer card) is a good one. We should have collateral at hand to hand out to potential members at trailheads, etc.

Not my idea.  I'm just repeating it.   Last time I heard mentioned was at the annual member feedback meeting in October.  I think it was Wayne Naillon, NWTA trail steward helping in Tillamook State Forest, who mentioned it in context of discussion about trail ambassador type thing members could be doing to help with communication about what NWTA is doing, and a tool to ask people to join and get involved, etc.


And idea was for a half size biz card.  Just brief mission of NWTA printed on one side, some bike art and link to nw-trail.org on the other side.   These are cheap.  They could be ordered up adhoc as people placed order thru the Store here on nw-trail.org.    

It'd require someone kicking off an order to a local print shop when someone orders a set... and having them drop shipped to that members door.

Want to help make it happen?   Post here.

Good question.

How will Ride Leaders know if the NWTA members who show up at the ride have signed it? Wouldn't they have to cross-reference it somehow to insure everyone there has signed it, versus going on their word (which I wouldn't be comfortable with)?  Ride Leaders will also have to print one for people who show up who aren't members since these are open rides.  I think it may be easier to just print and bring one, and have everyone sign it at the trailhead unless there is something I am not thinking about.


It was pretty easy today

It was pretty easy today since it was just me and my friend Paul.  We both did sign the waiver and I will probably drop them in the mail.


We had a great ride!  The weather today has been fantastic.  We ended up heading up river from Jones Creek TH and did the King's Mtn climb: woof!  We dropped down the other side to the meadow past the King's Mountain Trail jct. (about 8.5 miles) where we had some lunch before turning around.  

The tread was in excellent shape.  There were a couple of trees down and a spot where a stream jumped its channel and is running down a portion of trail.  I managed to make a little adjustment and get the water off of the lower section, but it will take some shovels to correct the main problem.


I'm probably skiing next week, but look for more Friday rides in the future.

photo credits

To whomever decided to crop off the photo credits - THAT IS NOT COOL. I made a point to obtain permission to use this image and it is properly credited in both the hard copy and PDF versions. The photographer is Hack (aka Greg Dimick) and the rider is Todd McCarthy.

It was you!


I unintentionally sent Tom the first flyer you created, which didn't contain the credits.  I am sure he would be happy to replace it with the updated version with the credits attached.  



Why can't we sign general

Why can't we sign general waivers each year when we renew our membership dues? If all members were required to have a signed waiver on file at HQ, then the ride leaders would only have to worry about dealing with waivers for non-members?

I bet Joe R could show us how to execute this on the web site itself and bypass the physical copies.

electronic signatures for waivers

yeah, quite awhile ago, congress passed a law that said people could "electronically sign" legal documents.   As long as a person has an account to sign-in with as individual, and that person has clicked "accept" for some terms for the event, then that's legal baby!

Physical printed forms are so old school... and non-green... and waste of my time...

We also want to get people to more regularly "sign up" to attend events... so we know who is coming, and so can send out broadcast messages to people attending the event (it's really easy as event organizer to go to the event and click Broadcast... and type up a quick message...)

Anyway, I totally support .matthew's opinion on this - either one - whether there's a 1) blanket "I'm a member therefore I signed the annual waiver for group rides" (and I question if that's even necessary if a person is card carrying member - since liability coverage would extend to members or if this is just for non-member waiver thing), OR 2) electronic waiver attached to calendar events, and if someone signs up to attend then they click "accept" to agree to terms...


HD video from the 1/22/2011 road trip to Duthie Hill Park...

Great turn out for long road trip! Had 15 gravity riders from Portland area descend upon Duthie... Here's just a small sampling of what we saw...


Road Trip to Duthie Hill - 1/22/2011 from Joe Rykowski on Vimeo.