Harmonic ConvergenSS coming up on Feb 5, 2011

Harmonic ConvergenSS happens this year on February 5th, 2011. The ConvergenSS is a ride around the woods outside of Longview, WA with a few friends. I have received permission again this year to use the upper and lower (Cedar Tree) parking on Harmony/Stella Road. If you would like to make a donation for your ride leader to pass on we will present Gay with a gift certificate, last time she said "Now we can buy meat!".

Lets be heading up the road by 10am to meet at the gravel pile/pipe line by oh, 10:30. If you don't know at all where to go, meet me at Gearhart Park by I-5 Exit 36 at 9:30am and we can caravan to the upper lot.

Harmony Trails are alot of fun but not for beginner riders. If you want to have an enjoyable day you must be able to be comfortable riding over a 6" log. This trail system has many log overs and roots and negative camber corners and tight switchbacks and handlebar squeezes. Intermediate and advanced riders only, please. Singlespeed is the traditional theme and if you decide to bring a bike with a de-rail-ler (sounds like a train accident waiting to happen!) you must ride in only one gear at a time.

Ride Leaders:
Joel : SSpike aSSault - need I say more?
Me : general roaming trying to find as many logovers as quickly as possible - will be riding fixie mtb
Carla and Andrea : women's group, too many men seem to join it too, don't know why
Bob n Ken : trail building and riding gnomes
Big Ken : will probably loop back to 10 trails many times...you know why...will possibly rack up most miles
Jerry D : Chainsaw massacre - not stopping for anything

Have made arrangements for dinner at Hart-Cs (Thai - Mex - American) in Longview when we find our way out of the woods.

Hope to see ya there,
bike ON