Winner!!! The New Trail at Sandy Has Been Named!

Thanks to everyone that participated and a great list of names which I'm sure will show up on trails in the future! The winning name is "Two Turntables and a Microwave."

It's fitting and pretty deserving, the name was submitted by one of the crew of builders who, when building the first berm, discovered 2 turntables, and you guessed it, a microwave. Time for the lucky guy to put down his shovel, toss some classic rap into the mp3 player and get ready for an awesome weekend at Mountain Bike Oregon!!!

Thanks again to everyone that participated!



So, who's our winner?

Who won the trip?  I'll be there!

Two turn tables and a

Two turn tables and a microwave... isn't that lyrics from "Where it's at" by Beck?   That's more folk/hip hop than rap...

..but I'm down with it!