Memorial Weekend Roger's/Brown's Camp Ride

Given all the wonderful weather we'd been experiencing, we were all surprised and disappointed by the rainfall we experienced the Saturday night prior to this scheduled ride.  Shane's Enduro ride had some spots that were more prone to uber-mub, so he called his ride. JD and I decided to go ahead with the Classic Ride as we had 17 riders signed up  we were hopeful that the trails would be ok this early in the ride season.

Upon our arrival at the meet, we found that 11 other riders had shown up as well. Evil Steve volunteered to lead the three bikers who showed up expressly for Shane's Enduro Ride. They started at the Gales Creek Campground and I've not spoken with Steve since the ride, so I don't know how their riders fared. I do know they all had massive smiles on their faces when our merry carpool band passed them.

This was their route:

The majority of our nine had not been to Roger's/Brown's Camp (now seen on maps as The Historic Hiking Trail or HHT) before and were eager to get started. We also had a couple of new riders (some of whom also joined PUMP!). It was really great to meet these cool guys and welcome them to our ranks.

This was the Classic Ride the larger crew did:

Yes. It was wet. About the time we started riding, the rain let up some and actually made it very comfortable. Because of the limited use over the winter, most of the trailbed was covered with fir needles. The biggest challenge in the wet was the ever present slippery roots. They moved the ride past intermediate and provided endless wheelie practice opportunity.

Mud? Yes. There was some of that as well, but luckily not as much as we might have seen on loamier trails. Luckily we had a group of more experienced riders and skidding was kept to a minimum.

Given that we do live in a rain forest, it's kind of hard to "never ride in mud." Our ever-so-tactful and always helpful Wayne "Tillamuckman" Naillon, PUMP Tillamook Trails Coordinator, also suggests riding the WRT from the Elk Creek side as a heavy rain alternate to the HHT Trail. Wayne is heading up June Tilly Trail Party that will give us an opportunity to give some TLC to what we rode - You can bet we'll be there! Thanks, Wayne! Riding mud means getting out there to fix what we ride (wink). Check the PUMP Calendar for Wayne's Tilly Party.

"Hey Mister! Where's your engine?"

We attracted the curiosity of some kids from an ATV camp. I think the little girls were as curious about Gabrielle's tiara as they were about the bikes

Upon Guy's suggestion, we stopped at University Falls


and fun! (click photo to view video)

In the end, we were a band of happy, muddy bikers ready for burgers at the Cornelius Roadhouse! Dang, those were good!

Don't forget to check the PUMP Calendar and join a trail party to build your trail karma! We have Mt Hood, The Tilly, and another Forest Park party on deck.

Click here for more pics and video of this ride

Happy riding everyone!

~ Shanti