I-5 Colonnade Review - Seattle

All I have to say is WOW!  I spent about 2 hours there and Saturday and 4 hours there on Sunday and my cheek muscles hurt from smiling so big!  I had a chance to talk to one of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance Club members that holds classes there and I was amazed that they are still expanding.  Started raining on Sunday, and wouldn't you know it, since I was under 2 huge 6 lane overpasses the log rides didn't get wet.

There are 4 major sections, easy/mid XC technical, easy/mid/advanced AM switchback technical, smaller mid/advanced area and pump track, and an varying level of advanced DH/FR.  All the areas have goo bailouts.

For all the sections they have made a great selection of varying levels of skinnies, drops 2" to 16'(?), varying width teeter totters, ramps, rocks, 12' high burms, etc.

I was able to start off slow on the training grounds and dial in some form before moving up to the limestone AM Switchback area.  Bit it.  So went back to the easy stuff and redialed some form.  Practiced wheelie drops and bump hoping.  Went back up to the limestone switchback area and was able to session a few of many many different lines.

Next day I played on the pump track and took on some more of the advanced skinnies after warming up for a couple hours.  Stayed away from the 2' high ones and opted for the thinner 12" ones instead.  Blah blah blah, sick of typing.

The jist of it, I got there saw stuff, went Hell no, F$%k that.  By the end of the second day after some friendly help I was sessioning 2-3 foot drops and riding 50 feet of 5" wide skinnies with built in teeters.  Awesome.

Worth the 3 hour drive, ehhh, don't know.  If you have a friend or other business, absolutely worth a couch stay or a cheap hotel with someone.  Give yourself some time, bring some pads, although not necessary, limstone is hard.



I-5 colonnade

no doubt.

I couldn't stop smiling for a week after my visit last year.









When I went I would also reconmend checking out the colonnade. I would also suggest bring flat pedals. The soil there, will clump really bad in clipless pedals. Go have fun!