Volunteers Improving single track at Hagg Lake...

Northwest Trail Alliance is entering into new adopt-a-trail agreement with Washington County to help with improving shared-use single track trail around Henry Hagg Lake.

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Last weekend we had both the NWTA Single Track (ST240) machine as well as a demo Ditch Witch SK650 with 6-way blade helping sculpt a better route across some of the elk field clearings.

The ST240 had the pushing power to bust thru the hard pack clay and form the initial bench cut, and then the Ditch Witch SK650 made finishing cut and cleared away the sidecast duff.   Great combo of machines for digging!   Note: NWTA is awaiting official "letter to proceed" with spending of its 2012 RTP grant award funding to purchase support equipment.  Any ideas what we might be buying soon?

Ranger Jake had the day off, but came out to volunteer to help with trail construction (and try out the Ditch Witch).

The re-route project is lead by NWTA Trail Stewards... Jon Peak and Joe Rykowski.    There will be more volunteer trail work party events posted on nw-trail.org calendar for the upcoming 2012/2013 build season.  Keep an eye out and consider signing up to help us improve Hagg Lake trail!

Phase 1 machine work has been

Phase 1 machine work has been complete on both Elk field locations on northeast side of lake.  New routes are ridable (and already getting lots of traffic).  There are "trail work ahead" signs placed on both ends of the larger field reroute.


Remaining to do for volunteer work using hand tools:
1. Knock down back slope where needed
2. Form grade reversals where needed
3. Fully disperse down slope tailings
4. Make tread fine tuning as needed

NWTA Trail Stewards will be scheduling work party events for Hagg Lake starting this Fall 2012 thru Spring 2013.

For now, will be bringing the ST240 and trailer back to storage until next rental or NWTA project is lined up...