So close, and yet so far...

This is a status update for NWTA trail project at Stub Stewart State Park mountain bike trail building for the XC/AM south ridge line...  (READ MORE to see details)

Only the north mountain bike area is open.  The south ridge line trail remains UNDER CONSTRUCTION (CLOSED).  There's about 1 mile of trail remaining to be constructed to link the XC trails North/South.   On June 24th, we are hosting our LAST scheduled build day of the 2011/2012 build season!   Sign-up to help move a little dirt - we'll be that much closer to linking (and maybe, just maybe... get approval from park to open south as an out-and-back)! 

Since 10/2011, our focus has been construction of the south ridge line trail to link with the North mountain bike loop.   You can see the white star which indicates where the end of trail *was* back in the Fall, and its awesome to see all the trail we've built this 2011/2012 build season!   This summer we will be scouting the route for next seasons build events (hint: might be doing some machine building early Fall 2012 to punch things through in matter of weeks.. but still trying to line up sponsors - it costs to run the machine).


LEADERSHIP NEWS!  As of June 2012, I (Joe Rykowski) am stepping aside as trail steward volunteer at Stub, and the project is now fully in the hands of Rob Clark, NWTA Trail Steward volunteer.  He's been very dedicated volunteer since Fall, and has been co-trail steward this whole build season.  I'll continue to help him with build days when I can for the (2012/2013 season) and operate ST240 single track machine, but Rob is now the lead trail digger out at Stub for the XC/AM stuff!  I'm going to be starting a bike patrol group within Stub.. and help out at Henry Hagg Lake where Jon Peak, who recently moved to the area has stepped up to become a volunteer trail steward.

Much more is in store for Stub Stewart State Park mountain bike area!  This is 100% VOLUNTEER constructed trail system, and we need your help to complete it!  without volunteers, then no trail would be dug.  With only a few volunteers coming to help on the trail events, then the pace of building is slow (but we make progress...)   If 20 people came every time, then we'd already have this done, and would be working on the next phase of development (there's lots of terrain to play with!)

Come help us build trail!  Built by mountain bikers for mountain bikers...  in an area of State Park set for mountain bike trail!  Doesn't get any better...

Last, but NOT least!  The Westside Trail Federation crew has OPENED the Freeride skill area within Stub on June 2nd!   Beginner and Intermediate freeride lines with "Rinse, Repeat" push up trail back to top.   Check out the Stub freeride trail info page for details.   They aren't done building yet either!   Just like with the XC/AM trail project... even if "done" there's still a lot more we have planned.  Just need people to show up and help dig... (otherwise, we'll never get it all done).