Stub Stewart Winter 2012/2013 Project Overview

We are hitting the ground running this year.  In fact, we have 1/3 of a mile built already!  Everyone is asking how close we are to linking up the North and South trails.  The estimated distance is about 1/2 mile, but check it out for yourself on the map. 

Blue line indicates trail built this month!  At the bottom of the canyon is Genzer Creek, we will cross the creek and start building a switchback climb up the other side of the Canyon.  Its a couple hundred feet up, and then we are on top of the ridgeline.  At the top of the ridgeline its mature forest with nice views, little vegetation, and minimal slope, so building will go fast and easy from that point.  Expect a special celebratory event when we do finally reach the other trail! 

Some of you might not recognize the loop at the top of the South trail.  That  was a little bonus that came last June, a full 1/2 mile of trail was built in just 2 days of work!  Thats what can happen when you have 20 person build crews! 

Details of the volunteer buid days: 

The first thing to know is that this is an ALL VOLUNTEER build project, so if volunteers don't show, trail doesn't get built.  This project has numbersous years of work behind it, and we are now on the bring of a major milestone- the opening of 5+ miles of single track build specifically for mtn bikes, by mtn bikers.  Please come help out and be a part of it! 

This year we will have build days the 1st Saturday of each month, from November to May.  Check the calendar page for updates and more specific details.   Please use the signup feature so we know how much food to bring.

We will meet at the Welcome Center of Stub Stewart State Park at 9am for sign-in and a brief safety/overview talk, then procede to the trail by bike.  We will be working from the North end of the trail this year, so no more long walks!  We will ride bikes to the Freeride area at the end of N. Caddywhomper, then its a very short walk to the construction site.  We will head back to the vehicles at roughly 1pm, depending on the weather and everyone's mood and willingness. 

We will provide lunch- usually sandwiches, but on those cold and nasty days we might just serve up something special.  Please bring your own water.  Again, please use the signup feature on the calendar page so we know how much food to bring! 

We have plenty of tools, but do bring your own work gloves.  Other suggestions: hiking boots, long pants, rain gear. 

If you have any questions don't hesistate to contact me: 

time to dig!

" days the 1st Saturday of each month, from November to May.  Check the calendar page for updates and more specific details."

It's been great knocking out huge chunk of the work for connector trail using the ST240 trail machine!   But it'll take work with volunteer crews to get it all done.   Work on the stuff roughed in with machine will go quickly and make accessing the far side of canyon easier when begin digging over there.

Video tour of new Stub trail construction - October 2012...

My walk-thru tour of north part of connector trail build so far using machine...

Results of work party at Stub... top section of "Link Pin" OPEN!

Was a great turn out at the first in series of "1st Saturday" work parties that NWTA trail stewards will be hosting at Stub Stewart State Park.  More than 20 people came to help put finishing touches on the top part of new connector trail between North and South.   According to Joe Rykowski, the park is going to be naming the various sections of mountain biking trails which have been built over the years and also the new sections getting built...   AND putting them on new and improved trail maps/kiosk maps around the park!

The section team worked on for 11/3/2012 work party was the top section of what will be called "Link Pin".  Getting the trail dialed in... 

So it'll set up well for next ride season...

More thoughts about last work party event at Stub?

Anyone else that attended the first in series of upcoming build days at Stub have thoughts to share (photos too maybe)?

This was an exciting milestone in the process of building out the mountain bike area trails at Stub.  Fully released the reins of running work party event to Robert Clark...  All I did was help stage tools and prep the lunch meal.   


Robert brought a pot of homemade chili and I brought some cornbread.   Wish we'd known there were going to be so many coming (not everyone signed up on the event calendar), so we ran out of chili (even though everyone only got one ladel full).  And it was incredibly excellent chili.  All chili I test in the future will now be rated against that pot.  It was EXCELLENT.   (if you got to lunch late, then sorry... you got some canned stuff that Bob the camp host provided to help stretch the pot a little further... so you might be scratching your head about what I'm talking about).


Really happy with the progress made.   It's hard to get idea of scope of what was accomplished since we weren't blazing new trail - but we were working on stuff that needed to get done to open the trail.  "ride ready" isn't good enough.. we are making these trails "ready for opening day" for Summer 2013.  There *will* be a celebration when we finally connect both North and South... and it'll be a day we've been working towards for more than a few years now.


Come help us push things forward December 1st for the next "1st Saturday" work party event at Stub!   We'll have more warm meals to serve up and tools stashed for you... ride your bike out, dig a little, ride what you build!...

Some pics from the November trail party...

(thanks to Ted for rallying the troops and sharing photos from the day!)

One project (among many) accomplished was finishing one of the turns ...


[mostly after]


Proof that we ride out to site and serve up warm lunch at a spot out near project...  (in winter months we'll also have a campfire!)