Visiting Portland from Dallas. Need advice. :)

I will be visiting Portland from Dallas in August (to escape the heat).  While I am in town, I would love to make a trip to the Plains of Abraham and ride it.  I have been riding mountain bikes (cross country) for about 15 years.  Can anyone point me in the direction of a good place to rent "higher" end mountain bikes or possibly group rides?  I dont mind riding it alone if it is a heavily traveled trail where someone would find me if I happened to hurt myself.  And also if there arent any animals up there that might think I am a snack.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  thanks a bunch  :)

Fat Tire Farm for Rentals

Fat Tire Farm is the only shop I know of that rents nice mountain bikes.

It's too bad you didn't choose July instead. You'd be able to join in for Helens Fest and have plenty of company and a free demo bike to ride.

If your up for more adventure, I highly recomend bringing some lights and timing a ride up there with a full moon.

I wish I could.  I am

I wish I could.  I am actually just coming to visit with my mother.  She went last August and absolutely loved it up there.  She wanted to take me and I told her there is no way I am going up there and not riding something.  It looks like there is some amazing riding up there.  I cant wait.  It is usually around 105 - 110 degrees around that time in Dallas.  Will be a NICE change.  thanks for the info  :)

Sellwood Cycle has some

Sellwood Cycle has some decent rentals also.

+1 on the night ride up there.

Post up the dates you are planning to ride.  

O&B on the Plains is easily navigated.  If you're up for a little more adventure, consider the entire Ape Canyon-Smith Creek loop.


How long is the entire Ape

How long is the entire Ape Canyon-Smith Creek loop?  I know absolutely nothing about the trail.  From reading, I thought the Plains of Abraham was over 20 miles.  I can usually ride 25 miles with no problems.  thanks again everyone for all the info.  :)

The entire Smith Creek loop

The entire Smith Creek loop is about 25-27 miles, depending on how you do it.  The option I prefer is to drive to the bottom of Rd 83 and climb out the old road bed first.  This gets that climb out of the way early and adds a couple miles of fun singletrack.

The Ape Canyon out and back to the Plains is about 18 miles if you ride out beyond the Plains to the "lunch spot" over look above the "stairs."  It is worth it to ride all the way out to Windy Ridge to get a look down into Spirit Lake, but that will add about 7 miles including climbing back up the stairs.  Typically if I ride all the way out to WIndy RIdge, I will continue the ride as a loop and drop down into Smith Creek, partly to avoid climbing back up the stairs.

Descending Ape Canyon trail is a lot of fun however and the Smith Creek option doesn't include that kind of fun swooping singletrack downhill. One caveat however is that on a busy day, the downhill can be a bit frustrating as you must yield to the traffic heading up the hill.  It's one of the reasons a night ride or late afternoon rides can be an advantage.  But watch out for the frogs at night.

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mmmmm, mountain biking . . . on volcanoes.

Have fun!

Camas Bikes also rents high end mountain bikes

Check out and visit the Rental page to see the selection of bikes available to rent! And you can make a reservation for an upcoming trip.

Any chance someone would be

Any chance someone would be interested in letting me tag along with them for a ride out there?   Just think, you could spend a day laughing at my southern accent!  ;)  I will be there the week of August 7th and could do a ride pretty much any day that week.  :)