Falls Creek Trail

Heading out to do Falls Creek with some friends Saturday.  I have only done this as an out and back starting at the bottom and riding up.  Last time we stopped at the campground about 2/3 of the way to the top (and poured water out of our shoes).  Never been from Old Man Pass to the campground through McClellan section.  <?xml:namespace prefix = o />

So, question, is the McClellan area worth riding up to and back down?  Not sure if we have enough time to go all the way to the top and back.  If it is amazing we will make time, will just crack the whips and make those dogs keep moving.  If McClellan is just so-so might take it a bit easier.

It was 6 years ago last time I rode out there so the whole ride is slightly vague.  If I head out that direction I normally ride Lewis River.

I guess seeing how I am asking questions, anyone been out to Falls Creek and can tell me what shape the trail is in?


go to the top

If it's the doubletrack spur camp spots y ou made it up to, you were right by the lava tubes. Not the sunken caves visible from the trail, but the tubes most don't know about that are just hidden from the trail. bring a bright headlamp and allow time to explore. Basically, as you climb, and you're on the dirt double track and the camp spot is on your left -- go right straight into the woods about 50 yards. you're at the first of two lava tubes. the first is a caved in lava cave like you pass on the trail earlier, but it goes down and then connects back up to the ground again about 80' away. once back on ground, the start of the next cave is immediate. It descends about 70' or so down into the ground, you pass a layer of vine maple, a layer of 'dew point' (basically a fog layer), then you're in what's basically a 50' tall subway tunnel that goes on for a couple miles. when you look back up at the entrance it feels like you're in a fish aquarium. I half expected to see a shipwrecked pirate ship in the cave it was that surreal. Pretty awesome to be able to explore a natural wonder like that that doesn't have a parkinglot and a fee both attached to it.

As far as the trail goes, i've only ridden up and back to the horse campground (top o' the trail) and ridden the trail from there out to the road at old man pass. That leg out to the road is fun and flowy, and can be combined w/ some other trail so that you can do a lollipop. the top leg of trail was fun and flowy.