Sandy Ridge Trail Closure Extended

***Note: As of 6/16, Sandy Ridge is closed indefinitely due to continued precipitation and trailwork***

Latest from the BLM:

"Work is progressing on the SRT system. We have several independent contractors, IMBA staff, BLM employees and the Northwest Youth Corp tackling some of the drainage issues, armoring sections of Hide and Seek and rerouting a fairly significant road to trail section.

Unfortunately the dry weather has continued to elude us and we are going to have to extend the trail closure on Hide and Seek indefinitely. The tread work that has been performed is in an extremely fragile state and all of the work that has taken place will be compromised if we open the system to users prior to those sections setting up. As of now we are optimistic that the lower Hide and Seek section would be open on or around July 1st, although we are going to have to be flexible if the rain continues."

Further updates will follow.

Please respect these trail closures and refrain from accessing closed portions of the trail system.

FYI, the original closure notice is posted here:

Thanks-- Tom Slovak

Any new updates?

How is work progressing and is there any new updates on when we can be ripping again?

I don't think there is an

I don't think there is an official re-opening date, but as the weather inproves, that will only help. I will get back to you with more info.



Should know soon...

I'm awaiting an official response from the BLM on this... hopefully in time for the general meeting tonight.

I'll update the website with the updated info.


yea hopefully all this

yea hopefully all this recent sunshine will help get it back open

Should be open Friday, 7/2/2010

Per the BLM, the lower section of trail should be open on Friday.

An announcement should be on the BLM site this evening, and I'll update with a new posting once everything is confirmed.

The bridge work is on-going, and is looking to be completed in the next couple of weeks.

Good news, good news!