Evergreen Trail Wiki

As winter comes along and trail conditions start to change more frequently this is a neat little tool for keeping up with what's going down.  Also great for exploring new places.  It would be neat to see more Oregon trails added as well.



When will nw-trail.org Trail

When will nw-trail.org Trail catalog feature be ready for implementation?

I think Evergreen's wiki is awesome.  Integrated with their main Drupal site even. (login to one, you are logged into the wiki as well).   But it's focused on Evergreen's area of operations, therefore not so much down here in Oregon other than the standout trails.

There's also the http://rideoregonride.com/ site by Travel Oregon which needs some love by mountain biking community.   It's less open for editing than Evergreen's wiki, but they do have link for new submissions of trailheads, events, etc.. and anyone can login and post comments about existing trail entries.   But sadly, the mountain biking trails only get designated with location of trailhead - can't view a full route.

Can't wait to see what NWTA rolls out!  Needs to be a good mountain biking trail catalog online with Oregon/SW Washington focus that gets managed by the riders and builders who enjoy/maintain their trails.

Why don't we all just add on

Why don't we all just add on to this one?  Put up a trail a day and pretty soon we'll be up to speed.  Maybe nwta web gurus could talk to evergreen and have both groups linking to it.

yeah ...

I agree, it would be nice for us (NWTA) to share usage of that site!

It's not useful to have multiple sites based on what group you belong to or your primary location for trail or trip reports.

I'd really like as much of our site as possible just be a wiki.

-- Patric

Based on direction by NWTA

Based on direction by NWTA executive board... I'll be looking into functionality of mediawiki (what powers the Evergreen "Trail Info" content) and integration with Drupal (framework of nw-trail.org site)...

Your comments have been heard, and echoed.

I'll also explore if it's feasible to interlink both Evergreen and NWTA trail info wiki's - would be cool for an automatic feed - but that gets complex in a hurry, so not holding my breath.

Got the impression that NWTA wants to have it's own brand on content of site, so simply linking over to the Evergreen stuff isn't really attractive.   With that in mind, I might just keep the NWTA wiki (if it gets approval) as generic as possible cuz then it'd become a possible resource to get slotted into other regional sites.

Right on.If NWTA is going to

Right on.

If NWTA is going to start its own wiki it would be neat to have some additional functionality.  GPS tracks, elevation data, etc. would be really good info in addition to the type of information offered on the Evergreen wiki.

MediaWiki doesn't natively

MediaWiki doesn't natively support the mapping stuff, but it appears Evergreen is using Google Maps API plug-in for mediawiki.


Got that on list of things to check out - determine if can support GPS track overlay on Google Map (or other) plug-in.

At very least, one could supply URL links back to places like http://connect.garmin.com/ which have the tracks and elevation profiles, etc.

Status of MediaWiki implementation for nw-trail.org

Day 1:

Created a local developer environment (using XAMPP) - Apache, mySQL, PHP.

Installed MediaWiki on dev env.

Replaced the default logo with NWTA logo (just cuz).

Configured InterWiki entry for 'evergreenmtb' to allow for easy links to content within Evergreen Mtb Alliance wiki.

Tested interwiki functionality (edited Main Page to include [[evergreen:Category:Freeride]] and verified page URL links to correct content on Evergreen Mtb Alliance wiki site).

Researched Google Maps extension for MediaWiki.  Beyond the "markers" handled by Evergreen wiki implementation of extention, it appears to support KML paths ("tracks") - both export and import.  Good news!

Registered Google Maps API key for nw-trail.org domain.

Implemented Google Maps extension.

Tested...  FAIL.   Extension causes errors when wiki page displayed...

Strict Standards: Declaration of GoogleMapsKmlExporter::addMarker() should be compatible with that of GoogleMapsExporter::addMarker() in D:\xampp\htdocs\mediawiki\extensions\GoogleMaps\export\GoogleMapsKmlExporter.php on line 115

Strict Standards: Declaration of GoogleMapsImgExporter::addMarker() should be compatible with that of GoogleMapsExporter::addMarker() in D:\xampp\htdocs\mediawiki\extensions\GoogleMaps\export\GoogleMapsImgExporter.php on line 55

Warning: Parameter 3 to GoogleMaps::render16() expected to be a reference, value given in D:\xampp\htdocs\mediawiki\includes\parser\Parser.php on line 3333

Attempted identifying solution (using Googlefu. My kungfu is weak tonight.  Giving up for now).

 Perhaps most importantly,


Perhaps most importantly, I've started creating a System Administration guide for nw-trail.org.  Currently specific to the MediaWiki module (in process of being implemented)...

So it'll be easier for others to step up as SysAdmin in future.   I've resisted stepping in as sysadmin cuz this is part of what I do at work all day...  why would I do this for "fun"?...   But it's clearly important cuz a lot of people talk about it a lot.   And my directive "Do more, whine less!" has kicked in.

Anyone with Drupal skillset (I have none but know Joomla! well) should contact Dennis [at] nw-trail.org and NWTA also has need for a "system administrator" (backups, keep up on Drupal patches, upgrades for PHP, server security hardening, etc...)    PLEASE HELP!  We need you...

Day 2:Implemented Google Map

Day 2:

Implemented Google Map extension for MediaWiki (on local DEVELOPMENT environment).

Note that the latest version of map extension supports "path" editing (either manually drawing on map, or by linking to an external KML file).  This makes it possible for people to dump their GPS routes to a server, and link to KML file (on places like http://connect.garmin.com).

Overview of MediaWiki with Google Map extension


What's next??

Setting up Drupal module to bridge between Drupal and MediaWiki (so you don't have to login to both applications - both the nw-trail site as well and the NWTA mediawiki web app)

Finally, upon approval by board, Implementing MediaWiki on the LIVE nw-trail.org site.


Make checks payable to...   *grin*  naw, just kidding.  But if you think NWTA is doing good things, then click "Join Us" and signup as a paying member...

This is great!

Joe, thanks for all your hard work on this. 

Allowing users to participate in sharing their favorite trails with others will be a great step forward for NWTA.


Great work Joe

Well done!  IMO this is exactly what NW-TRAIL.ORG needs!  

One question, when you stated:

Tested interwiki functionality (edited Main Page to include [[evergreen:Category:Freeride]] and verified page URL links to correct content on Evergreen Mtb Alliance wiki site).

Does that mean the Evergreen content is actually embeded in the NW-Trail site or does it just give you a link to the content on evergreenmtb.org?

Also, you likely aren't getting the appreciation you deserve for creating the sys-admin doc.  This is a HUGE oversight most people make when busy developing.  I give you HUGE amounts of credit for working on that as well.

Anyway this is an AWESOME addition, thanks for all the hard work Joe!  


Does that mean the Evergreen

Does that mean the Evergreen content is actually embeded in the NW-Trail site or does it just give you a link to the content on evergreenmtb.org?

The interwiki link setup makes it easy for content editors to link to Evergreen wiki pages.  

For example, instead of using wiki code like ... [[http://evergreenmtb.org/wiki/index.php?title=I-5_Colonnade I-5 Colonnade]] to make a link to that page, instead you'd simply use [[evergreenmtb-trail:I-5 Colonnade]].   If the location of the evergreenmtb wiki ever changes, then all that happens is admin of NWTA Wiki updates interwiki link definition to point to new root location.

Vice versa, Evergreen will be creating an interwiki link on their site so people can easily link to "NWTA:" wiki content.

On a related note, I've been chatting with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance web manager about their wiki.  He's been very helpful in sharing technical knowledge .. including customized bridge module for Drupal that works better than the standard one to allow for single sign-on (i.e. no need to create a login for both NWTA main site as well as the Wiki... you register once, and login created for you on the wiki... and you just login to site one time... no need to login both places).

Evergreen web manager is stoked we're finally rolling out a regional trail guide area on our site ...

Have also opened up dialog about coordinating content between the two regional wiki's.   It'll be important for making sure we don't have duplicate pages (with differing content).

If there's anyone interested in taking on role of wiki curator (or whatever you want to call it) then there's clearly going to be need for volunteers to help keep the content on wiki well organized.   Editing wiki content is OPEN TO ALL who register on nw-trail.org and will follow same Creative Commons license that Evergreen wiki uses -- http://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc-sa/2.5/88x31.png

On a related note...


On a related note...

THIS is a prime example of what's cool about NWTA.   If you see a gap in something not being addressed, then check with the board (click "Contact" on menu) and find out how you can help to fill that gap.   If someone not already working on the project, or willing to shift responsibilities...  before ya know it, you are getting it done!

"Do more, whine less." is my motto, and I try not to volunteer for more than I can handle.  There's SO much more NWTA could do and is doing but could use more help with...   Just a matter of people stepping up to volunteer.

Nobody is going to ask you.  YOU gotta ask... "how can I help?"



Meeting with Evergreen Executive Director...

I'll be having a chat with the ED of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance over the weekend.  Will be visiting Seattle this weekend and he was kind enough to save some time to get together for a drink.

Will be talking about this whole Wiki thing with him.  And get his input into how well it's worked with Evergreen for providing a library of trails with locations pinpointed on a map... AND allowing anybody to edit that information. 

Week 1...Well, we are 50%

Week 1...

Well, we are 50% there, but have a roadblock.   Will be working past it over the weekend.   Before Monday the goal is to have a MediaWiki application in place with Google Maps extension but NOT integrated with Drupal just yet (more work to be done on that objective).  

The good thing is we'd be able to open it up as a "beta" area for people to add content and trail info, etc.... but there won't be integration with Drupal (the web framework nw-trail.org uses).

Live "beta" of NWTA Wiki

See http://nw-trail.org/wiki for a peek - this is the real deal so don't mess things up.

If creating a login to wiki, use SAME username/password you use here on main website.

Keep in mind there's couple of major items left to do:

1. integration between Drupal<->MediaWiki for "single sign-on" feature.   For now, set up login manually (use same username/password or you'll have headaches later).

2. form which allows people to submit placemarks for the single track map (it's too confusing for people to edit the main map, and too dangerous - anyone could easily wipe out all the other placemarks or muck with stuff that should be changed... I know that's counter thinking to what a wiki is all about but for a comprehensive trail map, it's slightly different than articles...)