Tillamook conditions

Did the coast range fare better than gorge in the last snow and wind storm?  I'm interested in ravens

Wilson River Trail looking good!

I rode the Wilson River Trail yesterday, 4/21, at the far west end, near Keenig Creek.

As I usually do, I started at the Keenig Creek Day Use parking area, where I feel my car is pretty safe.

I then ride back out to the highway and warm up for about 15 minutes, heading east until Foot Bridge.

There happened to be a nakid guy jumping off Foot Bridge, but I chose descretion and decided not to try to take a picture! It was a good 25 foot drop into 20+ foot deep water. He seemed fine if a bit cold. :)

Then 2 hours of single track on my single speed took me back to Keenig Creek, including the famous 21 switchbacks down to the car (all of which I was lucky enough to make!).

There are a few trees down, and a washout or two, but it was fairly easy.

There are a lot of little sticks on the trail (normal after-winter stuff), so be careful -- or bring your single speed.

Picture of SiSSy by a Waterfal

Browns Camp Still Wet

I rode the Browns Camp loop yesterday. It was still pretty muddy. Had to walk several times. Some trees were down as well. 

It stays wet longer

Browns Camp (aka HHT or Historic Hiking Trail) stays wet the longest of all the trails in the Tillamook Forest.

If you really want big hills, you can sometimes ride just across the street, on the Gales Creek/Story Burn loop. But even better this time of year is to head a little farther and ride the Wilson River Trail. It gets less use so is less muddy.

  I also remember that we had


I also remember that we had encountered a lot of mud on the trail but it was a great experience enhanced oil recovery

HHT conditions

Rode Historic Hiking Trail 5/19 and conditions were fabulous!  No blow down, minimal mud, just pristine!

I remember going through this

I remember going through this trail where some of the path was a little narrow. I also saw the waterfall stop to take pictures with me in it content writers


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