Scappoose update: South side CLOSED 3/22/2012 until further notice

From our Scappoose, aka "Rocky Point", Trail Steward, Andy Jansky:


Please do not enter the private property on the first or second gate on the Southside of the road, OR from Highway 30.  The land owner is conducting work and has requested we stay out for the next two months.  If you see official activity, that means you are in an area that is closed, turn around and leave the area.

You could be cited for trespassing and barred from access to their land if found in the closed area.  Law enforcement is aware of the closure and will stop you (ask around, it has happened and is not pleasant for anyone involved).

Please help NWTA maintain a good relationship between the land manager and cyclists- pass the word on.  

We are still planning a spring trail maintenance and clean up for the North side this spring.  If you ride the area and want to help, please send an email to  This is an opt-in list.  Notice will not be posted of the opportunity.

Thank you.


Would you mind explaining

Would you mind explaining this a little better. Maybe with a picture. I'm not sure which side is the South side. The road is pretty windy. Does that mean the first area with the gate is off limits?



South side is...

...the side that got clearcut last year, left side as you're driving up Rocky Point Rd from Hwy 30.

Hope that helps!  The trails on the right, north side, are still open.


Still closed?

I'm assuming the south side is still closed?


want to ride the dh track

It appears to be open?

According to Longviews website, they only have closures in Hood River and Wasco Counties. ..Not sure how accurate this is. I want to go ride!

Not Open Yet

Just spoke with the guys down at Universal Cycles... Not open yet.

Not Open Yet

Just spoke with the guys down at Universal Cycles... Not open yet.

How about now? 

How about now?