Whoopdee trail is CLOSED due to fire danger


SDS needs to close all usage of it's Company lands due to fire danger.
The Whoopdee trail is CLOSED to foot and bike traffic until further notice.
Whoopdee trail is located in the hills east side of Hood River.

The WhoopDee is back

WhoopDee (east of Hood River, OR) is re-opened after multiple years of being closed.  This is another success story where a trail was rebuilt by trail riders who know how to ride and how build trails.  

The Whoop is back! 
Its a total trail make over with a new trail down trail reroute and a new single track back to the top.  
Make sure you say thank you to the HRATS who did the heavy lifting.  And make sure to donate to their organization which is used to help pay for the fuel and equipment rental for trail building.   http://hrats.org/joindonate/