3 Corner Rock - Trail Report

Trail Report by Jason M ~ "It was in fairly good shape.  The trail was very wet on Friday, with running water going across the trail in a few locations.  The tread was, however, in excellent condition with very little mud.  The entire trail needs trimming, especially near the road at the top, but I've seen it worse in the last few years.  Definitely worth getting out there for a ride."

still needs trimming

Tread is great, not dusty in the least, but needs some definite trimming!

Thursday Afternoon 8/12?

I'm available for a Thursday afternoon commando attack on some of the brush if anyone wants to join.

Some Progress

Got a late start, but headed straight up to that conflagration of salmon berry and vines on the northwest slope as you come around the final traverse to the rock.  Still lots and lots to do . . .