Post Canyon Trail Closure

CAMBA / NWTA Folks: Hood River County Forestry wants us to know about this closure in the forest due to logging operations. Details below, but basically you can't ride up 8 Track past The Boot. I'm sure they'll let us know when it reopens. If you've ever seen a log or boulder rolling down a hill you know why we should take this closure seriously and stay away until we get the "all clear" from Henry (the land manager).  --Arthur, CAMBA


Operations within a unit of the Pine Leaf Timber Sale will begin tomorrow
(3-30-11). The unit is adjacent to and above a couple of sections of 8 Track
(#150) trail. These sections of 8 Track will be officially closed to all
recreation use beginning late this afternoon.

*SECTIONS CLOSED** - The section of 8 Track that begins at Riordan Hill Road
(across from the bottom of Extended Play) down to and including the portion
of trail that travels along old Forest Road 1003 to the sharp turn at Clover
Leaf, and the section that begins at Clover Leaf on down to the junction of
8Track/The Boot. 8 Track down from it's junction with The Boot will remain
open. The Boot will remain open as well.*

* *

Please avoid all operations in the area. This is steep, rugged terrain;
there will be cables suspended overhead and there is always the possibility
that materials could roll/move downhill.

Please help me get the word out! I will post a notice under 'Trail Status'
on the County website. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Henry D. Buckalew

Trails Program Coordinator/Forest Technician II

Hood River County Forestry Department

PC 8 Track closure still?

The Trail wiki indicates the status back in March was that logging operations would be starting...

But has this operation been completed?

Can someone please update that page with current status of logging operation?

Also if anyone has a better GPS lat/long to share for placing a trail map marker on the map then I'd appreciate it!

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Timber Sale Closure! - The Shaggy Mane Timber Sale began on June 22nd, 2011. The sale is located on the west side of the Post Flats Staging Area.  It is an 18 acre, clear-cut timber sale that runs towards the west to the USDA Forest Service boundary and towards the north to the State of Oregon property boundary. This sale affects numerous recreation trails, the Post Flats Staging Area, and Post Canyon Road. Numerous signs were installed throughout the area on June 21st, 2011 glock handgun