Ventura Park pump track/bike skills area in photos

Portland's first public pump track at Ventura Park takes shape...  read past the break for a photo-story of the progress since breaking ground two weeks ago.

The Ventura Park pump track is a pilot project:

within a Southeast Portland park:

Built by volunteers in the fall of 2011:

The first day saw the piles of dirt taking shape:

And then the second build day gained some major ground:

There's even a separate track for the little kids:

As of Sunday (10/'2/2011), the lines are looking better than ever:

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped throw dirt and to Portland Parks & Recreation for giving NWTA this opportunity to provide this recreational space for the E205 area!

Tom Slovak
NWTA Trail Care Director


Props to all the people that

Props to all the people that made this happen. It looks soooo fun.

Pump Track

This is a sweet track to ride... It has good flow and continuity.

I have not ridden the middle section yet, but plan to one day this week.

I can't wait...

 Thank you NWTA for making this happen......


Have Shovel Will Travel


Work party saturday

Dabby, and thanks to you for all your help so far, both shovel work and helping dial in the shape.  We'll be out tomorrow at 2.  Hopefully see you then!  

how is it looking?

was thinking about taking a bike or two down there today. how is the mud right now?

How is it looking?

I have not looked at it today.

 But honestly if it rained today (which it did) you shouldn't consider riding it today. It will not be dry enough....

The best thing for a track like this (IMO) is to NOT ride it when wet/damp. It puts ruts in the lines. The ruts deepen and thus change the pump, requiring more dirt to be put on the bumps to fix it, thus changing the track again.

Rant over.....


 Have a good day!

Pencil me in!

Driving down Stark today and outta know where is this pumptrack  for my eyes to feast on...Looks like some folks have been busy at the park...I would like to volunteer the next time you guys dig...Lawrence

More Dirt!

I have a couple of thes pumptracks under my belt...You guys need some more dirt...It doesnt take much dirt to get 12-20" tall obstacles.But trying to add another 12" to those obstacles takes a huge amount of dirt compared to the first 12"...On the corners ya gotta have a big apron up top that is not even rode upon so the ideal line can get packed in and you have confidence to "pin it " and not wash out...Like a load on each corner and a couple in the middle...My 2cents...

This is one in Georgia I

This is one in Georgia I did.It was 23 loads.I used about half of the 23 to get it wher it was in this video.It got to where 10 wheelbarrow loads on a berm would make it about an inch taller...Just sharing some personal experience with yall...I also did the "Marrieta pump track"  marrietta ga...which was my first pump track experiment...

Work Party Feb 25th

We have a work party scheduled for Feb 25th to put the finishing touches on the landscaping.  Details here: