HRATS Trail Status Report and Website News

** Notice of Post Canyon trail closures due to storm damage **  On Jan 21st 2012 Hood River's beloved Post Canyon took a massive storm hit. Closing 90%+ of the trail system. HR County is currently assessing and removing logs from sections, stacking logs and running huge trucks up and down Riorden Hill Road.  (click for full view)


Weekends have been work free. So if you must venture into the area- be shocked at the massive amounts of debris everywhere.  Please bookmark our new Hood River Area Trai Stewards website HERE.

If you must ride- we encourage you to visit the new Cascade Locks MTB Loop called "EasyCLIMB" that is great for all skill levels with nice views, dog friendly with water break spots. Info HERE. Or scope the 'Eagle Caves Trails' in The Dalles.

Syncline is over crowded and taking on the large groups. So be warned when shuttling- lots of folks climbing making it tough on both directions. Ride with care. Be Aware. 


disaster zone

Mother Nature takes no prisoners.